Labor Mobility and Workplace Inclusion

Labor Mobility and Workplace Inclusion With the current increase in labor mobility, global communications, international investments, and trade, we must also acknowledge how multiple cultures coexist in a globalized world. …
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Why Should Companies Care About Cultural Differences?

As globalization has skyrocketed in the past decades, one must consider the multitude of intercultural interactions taking place on a daily basis. The share of migrant workers increases at the…
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Learning a New Language – By Proxy

In this short text, Noa Lange, Education Excellence Manager at Swedish for Professionals, ponders an aspect of learning that may help learn a language more effectively as new in a…
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Navigating a Cross-Cultural Landscape

Creating effective cross-cultural teams is of utmost importance in today’s globally connected business landscape. As the labor market has turned global, international talents can be recruited from anywhere, enhancing the…
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Sju handfasta strategier för ökad inkludering av internationella medarbetare: vår fullständiga guide

Rekrytering är ofta en lång process som inte sällan innebär stora risker och kostnader. Vid rekrytering av talanger födda utomlands kan riskerna öka då den nyrekryterade kan hamna utanför gruppen…
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Personlighetstest- vem är du i arbetsgruppen?

Personlighetstest- Vem är du i arbetsgruppen? Vilken roll tar du i en arbetsgrupp? Gör ett personlighetstest för att se vem du är i arbetsgruppen! Att samla på sig kunskaper om…

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