Navigating a Cross-Cultural Landscape

Creating effective cross-cultural teams is of utmost importance in today’s globally connected business landscape. As the labor market has turned global, international talents can be recruited from anywhere, enhancing the competencies of teams and businesses. This has transformed the way business is done in the 21st century.

In Sweden, talented labor immigrants constitute an important part of many businesses. 51% of all Ph.D. students in Sweden are foreign-born (SCB, 2017) and the second biggest occupational group for labor immigrants to Sweden is IT architects (Migrationsinfo, 2020). Welcoming these global talents is of great importance for any modern business leader who wants to grow a thriving, modern, and successful organization.

However, a lack of intercultural skills within the organization risks deteriorating teams’ effectiveness in handling business matters, both operational and strategic. The challenges faced by leaders and co-workers working in intercultural settings, are often subtle but, with far-reaching consequences for productivity, creativity, communication, and problem-solving. By upgrading the capacity to work in an increasingly global and intercultural environment, companies gain a competitive advantage.

To help organizations navigate this terrain, Swedish for Professionals provides highly engaging cross-cultural tools and training, tailored to each company’s specific needs. Globally minded professionals empowered with a strong intercultural mindset and toolbox lay a crucial foundation for more inclusive and high-performing teams and businesses. Together we will help your global talents to thrive.

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