Our Team

At Swedish for Professionals, we’re passionate about languages. Our team consists of over 120 inspiring language coaches located all over Sweden. We believe that language learning should be fun, encouraging, and efficient. You’ve already taken the big step of moving to Sweden, so let us help to make sure you get the most out of your experience!

Our aim is to create the world’s best business climate by welcoming global talent from all over the world. We believe that Sweden is an attractive country to work in and we hope that you will feel that way too!

Our Office Team

Carl Johan Casten Carlberg, CEO, Swedish for Professionals
Carl Johan Casten Carlberg
Viking Jonsson, Program Advisor
Viking Jonsson
Program Advisor
Constantin Alexiou
Program Advisor
Janna Hallén - Program Advisor, Swedish for Professionals
Janna Hallén
Program Advisor
Abby Peckham
Team Coordinator
Noa Lange - Education Excellence Manager, Swedish for Professionals
Noa Lange
Education Excellence Manager
Rebecca Hertin - Talent Acquisition Specialist, Swedish for Professionals
Rebecca Hertin
Talent Acquisition Specialist