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Swedish for Professionals – Referral Program

Help us in our journey to create the world’s best business climate by welcoming talents from all over the world to Sweden. Through Swedish for Professionals’ referral program you can help other forward-thinking companies to use our services for the first time. As a reward, both the referring company and the company that has been referred receive an extra lesson for every purchased course package in the first deal.

Terms and Conditions - Swedish for Professionals’ Referral Program

When one company customer refers another company, that never has purchased a course from Swedish for Professionals previously, both the referring company and the new company customer receive one (1) free Swedish language lesson á 90 minutes added to their course package, when they purchase a new round of lessons. 

References are only applicable to new company customers. The companies cannot belong to the same corporate group.

The new company customer must buy a course package containing at least 16 lessons á 90 minutes for the reference to be valid.

The referred new company customer cannot have been a customer to Swedish for Professionals previously.

The referring company has twelve (12) months, from the day they receive the offer, to use the offer of lessons free of charge together with new purchased course packages. 

1: Complete the referral form.

2: Swedish for Professionals contacts the referred company.

3: The referred company buys one or several course packages.

4: For every purchased course package containing at least 16 lessons á 90 minutes, Swedish for Professionals adds one (1) lesson á 90 minutes, free of charge, to the existing course package for the new customer. The referring company gets contacted and offered as many, free of charge, lessons as the new customer got when buying a new round of course packages containing minimum 16 lessons á 90 minutes.

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