English Courses for Companies in a Professional Landscape

Professional English & Mandarin Training

Our approach

We provide advanced English and Mandarin courses for companies and professionals in all industries. Many participants are C-level executives, project leaders, managers, account managers, or other professionals. The English and Mandarin courses are both based on the following methodology:

Customized Content

The training is always customized to be as relevant as possible for the participants. Often, the classes are adapted to the participants’ needs to develop their language skills while negotiating, presenting, or writing formal texts. All course material follows the CEFR framework.

Engaging Language Coaches

Our language coaches are the foundation of our successful education. Our English Courses for companies are taught either online or at your office and share the following traits:

  • English Expertise
  • High Energy and Drive
  • Leadership Skills
  • International Experience

Blended Learning Methodology

Our proven blended learning methodology helps the participants to accelerate their learning and remember as much as possible. We combine face-to-face teaching with games, music, and quizzes in order to make each session as interactive and engaging as possible. Between the sessions, we provide the participants with homework and learning material.

Building Confidence

To really accelerate learning a language, you have to use it all the time. That is why we focus a lot on building confidence in English. Through lots of feedback, inspiring homework, and innovative conversation techniques, the confidence of the participants grow.

We tailor our English and Mandarin Courses for Companies to your needs. Get in touch with one of our Program Advisors today!

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