Stockholm ferry

Getting Around by Boat in Stockholm

Don’t miss out on exploring by boat this summer!

While many people believe the best way to get around Stockholm is on foot, the local ferries are definitely a close second. There is something very unique about living in or visiting a city where getting around by boat is common and easy to do. 

If you’re new in town, or just haven’t used the local ferries often, it can seem a little daunting to work a boat ride into your commute or explorations, but not to worry- it’s easy to travel by boat! Stockholm’s archipelago begins just a few minutes outside the city, and you can explore much of it on the Waxholmsbolaget ferries. 

There are many local boat tours, but in this article, we’re going to focus on the SL and Waxholmsbolaget ferries, which you can ride with the same SL Access card you use on the buses and the metro. 

The SL Ferries

There are three routes included in the SL network. Line 89, which makes the most stops, shuttles passengers between Tappström and Klara Mälarstrand. The boat stops off at Kungshättan, Ekensberg, and Lilla Essingen.

Route 82, the Djurgården ferry, runs from Slussen to the island of Djurgården. In about 10 minutes, you’ll land next to the Gröna Lund amusement park and a short walk from the many museums on the island. 

Alternatively, you can take the Sjövägen 80 line, connecting Nybroplan and Frihamnen. This route also stops at Djurgården, and provides a convenient way to get from downtown Stockholm directly to the island’s museums.

The Waxholmsbolaget Ferries

Though you can use the same Access Card to travel aboard the Waxholmsbolaget boats, the fare system differs, with cost dependent on how far you travel. To start with, it’s helpful to have a look at the fare chart

When you board, you must get a paper ticket, which you can do at the register or at a self-serve station. Hold onto your ticket; you will have to turn it in when you disembark. You can get a return ticket at the same time, but you don’t have to- it costs the same whether you buy it right away, or on your way back.

Plan and Pay for Your Route

You can use to plan your route or use the app available for both Apple and Android. You can buy tickets easily on the app, but if you are doing a lot of travel, you should get an Access Card and top it up with credit for either 24 or 72 hours, or a full 7 days. The SL Access card costs 20 SEK and can be picked up at most metro stations. 

Waxholmsbolaget also offers special fares for frequent travelers, good for 5 or 30 days. If you want to spend a few days traveling between islands, a 5-day card could be perfect for you!

The ability to travel by boat is one of the most special parts of living in Stockholm. In fact, some members of the SFP team will be boating out to the archipelago for their socially-distant vacations this summer! Let us know if you plan to explore by ferry this summer; whether you’re headed out for the first time or you’re an experienced ferry-goer, we would love to hear your stories!