podcasts for expats in sweden

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Best Podcasts for Expats in Sweden

I spend almost every moment of my hour-long commute to the Swedish for Professionals office listening to podcasts. Usually they don’t have anything to do with Sweden but it got me thinking- with the popularity and huge variety of podcasts being recorded, there have to be some out there that are perfect for expats living in Sweden.

After some investigating (and listening!), I’ve found 5 of the best podcasts for expats and language learners living in Sweden. Here are my top picks!

For Swedish Language Learners

Radio Sweden started “Radio Sweden på lätt svenska,” a podcast designed to include “new Swedes” who are learning the language, in 2016. Each episode is just a few minutes long, making it perfect to listen to on a short commute or while making dinner in the evening. The news stories cover material geared toward newcomers to help them get accustomed to both the language and the country.

For Stories, Facts, and Life as an Expat

Martin and Iain are the hosts of Fluently Swenglish, a podcast made up of stories from their own lives, facts about the country, and interviews with other expats. Together they have over 50 years of expat experience in Sweden, and they are ready to share what they know about living outside your home country. 

For Cultural Info

Weird About Sweden is a limited series about some of the quirkier elements of Sweden and its people. From Swedish fashion to the concept of “lagom,” each episode features an expert guest alongside hosts Colm and Dodi to explain the episode’s topic. The episodes are around 20 minutes long, and you can easily get through all 8 to have a crash course on Swedish culture.

For True Crime Enthusiasts

With episodes delivered in English, true crime fans who haven’t yet mastered Swedish can still learn all about Sweden’s most interesting crimes. Episodes range from the well-known to the more obscure.

For the Stockholm-Focused

The Stockholmer, launched by BBC journalist Maddy Savage, was a limited series that has now ended. Maddy developed her podcast after years of experience as a journalist allowed her to build a network of interesting and international people in Stockholm. Each episode is just 10 minutes long, but it’s no longer being updated. It’s a great way to stay entertained on your commute and learn more about the people who have innovated in the city.

Need a little more Swedish culture to help you feel settled into your expat life? Podcasts are great, but they aren’t enough. Join Swedish for Professionals for one of our fun Culture Workshops to learn about Sweden, its people, and start feeling even more at home here.

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