Övningstalar – speak Swedish with confidence!

The fact that so many Swedes are fluent in English is both a blessing and a curse for Swedish language learners. Non-native speakers can find it difficult to acquire the necessary Swedish language skills to succeed in daily life and work situations as the practice opportunities become too few. In order to enable a steep learning curve, Swedish for Professionals proudly presents ÖVNINGSTALAR.

The idea behind ÖVNINGSTALAR

The name Övningstalar comes from the sign that learner drivers in Sweden put on the back of their cars: övningskör. The övningskör sign helps other drivers to be careful around the learner drivers and forgive them for any possible mistakes. Based on this iconic green and white sign saying, Swedish for Professionals has created ÖVNINGSTALAR to signify practice-speaking.

Learn more about them here: https://swedishforprofessionals.com/ovningstalar/