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Attracting and retaining international talents

Good opinion piece about the importance of attracting and retaining international talents in yesterday’s SvD. Jonas Hellman, co-founder of United Minds writes about how Sweden needs to attract talented international students to stay. Although Sweden do have many international students studying for example engineering, there is still a shortage of engineers in Sweden. After graduation many …

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The integration in Sweden is progressing

The integration in Sweden is improving; the differences between foreigners and domestic swedes has become smaller in many aspects such as employment and health. Although there are some problematic areas such as the difference in academic results between domestic swedes and foreign-born swedes, the overall picture is that the integration has been progressing the last …

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Attract international talents

Language courses are highly sought after by international talents; 70 % consider it is very important/important that the employer can offer Swedish language courses when moving to Sweden. The results are based on a survey with 1000 international participants who currently works in Sweden. The full report (in Swedish) can be found at:öster_om%20Stockholm.pdf