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Why all professionals should improve their English

“I already speak English very well! Why should I bother to keep studying?”

A frequently asked question

We know that lots of people speak English as a second language, and speak it well. Here in Sweden, the locals are among the best in the world at speaking English as a second language. However, many people who consider themselves “proficient” or “fluent” still lack the skills to communicate effectively and with nuance in international work environments where English is the dominant language.

Make a Great First Impression

Your command of English might be “good enough” to be functional, but proper pronunciation, tenses, and syntax will allow your skills to shine and you to stand out from the crowd of other “good enough” speakers. If you’re traveling for work on conducting high-stakes meetings, a good command of these skills will give you additional credibility. 

It’s the Language of the Internet

There are more English speakers online than in any other language, so most apps, websites, and social media platforms are in English. If you can maintain a website with flawless tone and spelling, it will be accessible, appealing, and credible to the widest audience. If you have to be even a little tech-savvy at work; writing emails, checking spreadsheets, using social media, or conducting conference calls, English is a must. 

Show Off Internationally

If you can speak an international language, you can travel internationally! Current employers will love having a dependable communicator among their staff, and this ability will make you more attractive to potential new employers. If there are opportunities for travel at your current job, improving your speaking skills could put you at the front of the line for those opportunities.

An Advantage for Navigating Deals

A high standard of speaking and writing will provide you with a major edge in meetings and negotiations conducted in English. Striking the right tone can make all the difference, especially in written communication. Don’t underestimate the power of a flawlessly-worded email! Being able to convince people with your writing is a skill on it’s own, and the better your command of the language, the better you will write!

Improve Job Prospects

If you’re in the market for a new job or might be in the future, it’s worth considering advancing your language abilities. Many employers find high proficiency in English a very important skill, especially in industries like law, hospitality, trade, politics, or finance. Many managers will even send their employees to language classes to help them improve. 

Simply put, It’s Popular

If all of these other reasons don’t have you convinced, you should know that English is estimated to be the third most spoken language in the world, and the most popular second language choice. Because of its popularity, it’s truly the international language of business. Skills like writing, presenting, negotiating, and even small talk are considered essential skills for international and intercultural communication and collaboration.

At Swedish for Professionals, we know that “good” can always be better. We are passionate about languages and we believe that going beyond just a solid foundation in an international language is a great way to advance, both personally and professionally. Join us for our upcoming English for Business courses, held in online classrooms with skilled, native-speaker coaches. The next classes start soon, so don’t miss your chance to sign up!