Intercultural Educational Program for Global Teams

Navigate your life and learn how to do business in Sweden by understanding the culture behind manners and practices.

Customized and Empowering Culture Workshops

Cultural understanding is important in order to navigate both professional and personal life in a new country. In the multicultural setting of an increasingly global market, intercultural communication becomes very important. A sense of cultural knowledge improves internal and external communication, improves understanding of customer behavior and can enhance team spirit. Insight into another culture also challenges the thought process and can foster a better understanding of other people in general.

As an employer, signaling an ambition to integrate your employees into Swedish culture will attract new talent. This talent will then be more likely to stay in Sweden as they develop a better understanding of how to handle everyday interactions while gaining a sense of belonging to Swedish society.

Many of our clients choose to include this workshop into their introduction for new, non-Swedish, employees. Like all of our services, the workshop can be customized to suit your needs.

Why does cultural understanding matter?

Eliminate cultural bias and boost your employees’ well-being and motivation

A greater sense of belonging enhances well-being. Cultural understanding can help you to avoid “faux-pas” and reduce the risk of negative impressions.
Self-Confidence & Sense of Belonging

An insight into another culture can help employees handle various everyday situations more easily as they cultivate a better understanding of other people.
Productivity & Team Spirit

Effective internal- and external communication increases productivity and enhances team spirit as employees gain A sense of cultural understanding.
Loyalty & Motivation

Showing care for the well-being of employees increases motivation and loyalty toward the employer while reducing the employee turnover rate and cost of sick leave.

Our true passion

Integrating International Talent

Take the next step by allowing us to help you integrate your international employees into their new environment. We will guide international talent through the unspoken rules of Swedish society and business, while navigating the big why behind the Swedish behavior. Since language is an important part of a culture, we can help you support your employees further with our customized, engaging and interactive Swedish courses.


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