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Improving Your English for Business

As companies and individuals increasingly look to “upskill,” improving abilities in both the workplace and in personal life, the Education Team at Swedish for Professionals has been busy developing new classes to meet the needs of language learners and the goals of the business world. Now, experienced English speakers can enhance their abilities with a class designed specifically for their needs!

We have recently introduced English for Professionals – a comprehensive course for long time English speakers to level up their fluency! Our course offers not just an English language education, but also cultural comprehension, writing and editing to strike the right tone for the workplace, and help with new vocabulary and sentence structures that can be used in conjunction with previously-acquired knowledge. 

"But I Already Speak English Very Well!"

You may already be very skilled in English, but if it’s your second (or third, or fourth!) language, this class is designed for you. You will learn to approach English more like a native speaker, allowing you to ensure you consistently take the right tone and use the most accurate phrasing for your work setting. We enable you to boost your confidence in meetings, negotiations, and of course, your everyday office setting. 

At Swedish for Professionals, we believe that “good” can always be better. That’s why you’ll be learning with a native English-speaking coach with experience in teaching professional English. It’s always a good time to learn, so come learn with us and watch your life improve with enhanced language skills. 

Sign up here or send us an email at if you have any questions. Our team is here to help you! 

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