How We Teach

We don’t work with traditional text books or standardized vocabulary lists. Language and communication are highly dependent on the individual and we want to help you express your personality, strengths, and professional competence. As a professional, you need the vocabulary that will help you succeed both at work and at home. Our courses are tailored to your profession and learning style to help you learn Swedish as quickly as possible.

Our courses

Start speaking Swedish from lesson one! You will learn the basic vocabulary and grammar through our interactive exercises, constructing more advanced sentences as you progress. For those of you who already know the conversational basics, we fine tune your written communication by helping you find just the right tone and level of language to match your industry, role, and setting.

To make sure that you have the best possible start in Sweden, we also provide you with the keys to navigate in the Swedish business culture. Learning Swedish allows you to see the hidden clues and the unspoken secrets of how Swedish business culture really works. We will explain the customs, habits and teach you how to use the idioms to your advantage.

The number of classes needed and their content will vary depending on your current proficiency and future goals. We welcome beginners as well as more advanced learners. Our aim is to help you integrate faster in the Swedish society and culture – we believe that good knowledge of the Swedish language will be immensely helpful in your new life in Sweden!


Courses for Companies

We offer corporate course packages for small groups and individuals right at your company premises. Find out more here.

Individual Courses

Discover our private courses and find which of our setups works best for you! Discover more here.

Our Language Coaches

We have over 120 skilled language coaches in Sweden, so we can meet our students almost anywhere!

Swedish for Professionals Learning model

’A unique language programme, tailored to professionals.’

We believe in a method of blended learning, where inspiring, in-person sessions with our language coaches are mixed with interactive exercises on our digital online platform. This enables you to practice your pronunciation and speech with your coach and make use of time between classes to sharpen your grammatical skills. Learning is supported through continuous follow-up and communication between you and your language coach.

Your language coach is a native Swedish speaker with experience in international environments and a passion for people and language. Often, your language coach will even have experience from your industry and of course a great command of the English language. Most of the coaches also speak a third, fourth, or fifth language!


We provide you with the relevant material and vocabulary needed in your particular industry. Time and effort will be devoted to what you will actually use in everyday life.


Your schedule is our schedule. We combine classes with interactive digital training, enabling you to study anywhere, anytime.


Our immediate goal is to have you conversing in the workplace. We also enable you to confidently navigate the Swedish business climate and culture.


We harbour a positive outlook on language learning. Your coach will inspire you in further realizing your professional and linguistic potential. We believe in your ability to become proficient in Swedish!

 Our digital tools


Textbooks are not enough. That’s why we have developed our own digital learning material making it possible for you to learn Swedish in your own time, thereby extending the learning experience outside the walls of the classroom.

The content is continuously updated and adapted to match your level and pace. The learning process is tailored to be both challenging, engaging, rewarding and fun! You choose how to become a Swedish Professional, using your smartphone, tablet and/or computer.

With Knowly, you can improve your Swedish grammar knowledge in between classes by watching our grammar videos. You have access to grammar for all levels, which makes it a great opportunity to revisit the basics and repeat what you’ve covered in class.

In addition to our grammar videos, we offer several creative exercises where you can practice your Swedish skills using extra material outside of your course book. These creative exercises enable you to learn even more about Swedish culture and practice your reading proficiency in between classes.


With Memrise, you can expand your Swedish vocabulary and practice spelling and pronunciation in an efficient way. The app registers your learning progress and the words that you have difficulties with will occur more often. The vocabulary on Memrise is tied to the course material in your book, which makes it a perfect opportunity to practice between classes!

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