How long is one course?

The length of the course varies upon your needs. We customize the course-length according to; your schedule, your company’s needs, and as many hours per week you prefer.

How can I trust the language coach to be professional and understanding?

All our language coaches are recruited through a rigorous process. They are Swedish native speakers and most of them know how it feels to be new in a different culture with a different language. They understand your situation and know what is most crucial to learn. They are trained through our signature ProCoaching program, and have only one mission, to make sure you learn Swedish as quickly and as efficiently as possible!

How are my needs matched by your education program?

Your needs are the structure of the program. Your education program is shaped based on your current proficiency and where you want to be in the future. We welcome both beginners as well as more advanced learners.

Do I need to wait for others to sign up to get started with a course?

No, we offer courses for both individuals and smaller or larger groups.

I am working a lot; can I combine the education with my work schedule?

Yes, together we set up a schedule customized for your needs and preferences. With our digital tools, you may also practice anywhere you want, at anytime.

Do the digital tools work on any device?

Yes, our digital tools work on any device; on your smartphone, tablet and/or computer.

Do I need to travel somewhere to take part in the lessons?

The lessons take place at your office, to make it as convenient as possible for your talent to learn Swedish.

Can you assist in VISA application?

No, we cannot assist with that but you can find useful information in ”New in Sweden”. For further information, please visit the Swedish authorities, see link: Migrationsverket

How can I support my employees with Swedish language training?

We will gladly hear about your needs and set up a program for your employees. Please fill out our contact form and we will be in-touch with you shortly.

How can I get this as a benefit from my employer?

If you wish to get our Swedish language training through your employer please fill out our contact form along with your company’s detail information and we will get in touch with you. Perhaps we are already planning the program you are looking for!