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At Swedish for Professionals, we’re passionate about languages. We build our own course content and work with over 120 inspiring language coaches located all over Sweden to offer you engaging and rewarding courses in Swedish. Our team believes that language learning should be fun, encouraging, and efficient. You’ve already taken the big step of moving to Sweden, so let us help to make sure you get the most out of your experience!

Through our methodology, we help you to expand your vocabulary, practice your pronunciation, and sharpen your grammatical skills. Yes, Sweden is a country where a lot of people speak English, but reaching proficiency in Swedish will help you understand Swedes better as well as make you more successful at work! It is our ambition to help you become a confident Swedish speaker, embracing everything that Sweden has to offer!

Our aim is to create the world’s best business climate in Sweden by welcoming global talent from all over the world. We believe that Sweden is an attractive country to work in and we hope that you will feel that way too!

Our team in the office

Carl Johan Casten Carlberg, 


Yassin Arif,
Growth Hacker Analyst

Johanna Shelley,

HR Coordinator

Linda Svedjehammar,

HR Manager

Janna Hallén,

Program Advisor

Noa Lange,
Education Excellence Manager



“Together we can help make the Swedish labour market a more flexible, diverse, and ultimately more competitive place.”

Our vision is to support the best possible welcoming to Sweden and to the Swedish workplace. We do this by offering Swedish courses at your office, tailored to your profession and industry.



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