9 simple and easy tips to improve your Swedish

By January 29, 2020Swedish language

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Learning a new language as an adult can be challenging! That’s why we have gathered 9 tips and tricks that can make your life easier!

1.Bedtime vocabulary

A research has shown that sleeping a few hours after you have studied can help you remember what you’ve learned better. Even better, the researchers found that a good night’s sleep after learning something new helps to slow down the rate of memory deterioration. So, take out your words, and start memorizing before, or even as you lay in bed because it seems that sleep is key to a successful learning process!

2. Join or start a group activity

Learning a new language means that you actually have to study, too. But studying doesn’t always mean that you have to sit down at home with a book. There are other ways that can help you learn. Start an activity that is not related to your studies but still involves and requires that you either listen or actively interact in Swedish. Yoga, cooking class, group training- whatever floats your boat. With this way, you can make the learning process much more fun!

3. Speak, speak and speak Swedish

English is widespread in Sweden. Some people who relocate to Sweden can spend years without feeling the need to learn Swedish due to the fact that so many Swedes are fluent in English. Moreover, chances are that your Swedish conversation partners might switch to English when they understand you are not a native speaker, which of course doesn’t make it easier for you who want to practice your Swedish. What can you do then? Simply continue speaking Swedish! Your Swedish conversation partner will then do the same. We know it might be tempting to switch to English but don’t. Practice is key!

4. Music, podcasts, and radio

Instead of listening to your usual playlist, podcast or radio channel, give the Swedish versions a try. Some of the biggest names in the music industry actually come from Sweden. Why don’t you give it a try?

5. Make a visit to the comics shop

Many of our learners love reading comic books in Swedish! Comic books are great because they are so visual! The pictures give a vivid idea of what the text is saying. There are a lot of great comics out there that can be both fun and useful. Visit your local library or

6. Movie night

Grab some popcorn and turn on your pick of TV movie or series. Preferably- without subtitles. This makes learning Swedish so much more fun and easy, plus you’ll get some insight into Swedish culture!

7. Dare to make mistakes

People who are learning a new language, often avoid actually speaking it as they are afraid of making mistakes. You have no reason to feel embarrassed for not being born fluent in Swedish. Just do it!

8. Make new friends

A great way to learn Swedish is to actually socialize with Swedes. Join a fika and an after work, maybe that yoga class or even a meet-up group that matches your interests. You can also join our meet-up group, participate in any of our future meet-ups and practice your Swedish with others. This is one of the most effective ways of practicing and improving your language skills!

9. The wonders of technology

We live in a magical time where an abundance of tools is available, why not use them? There are many digital tools that can help you train and learn a new language easier. For example, if you want to improve your grammar skills, you can download the “En or Ett” game. “En or Ett” is a free mobile game developed by Swedish for Professionals in order to help you practice and learn the articles of the Swedish nouns!