Therese Jirek

Language coach

I study IMER (International Migration and Ethnic Relations) at my university and I live in a multicultural part of Stockholm. I love being around international people and many of my friends and family are from different cultures!

I know three languages and am studying a fourth. You can ask me which ones are they when we meet! I have studied languages in school, I have taken night courses and I have learned some while living abroad in Colombia and Lidingö.

What I love the most about being a language coach is when I manage to both have fun and get information through at the same time. And what is my secret? I’ve had about a thousand jobs, but I’m originally an actor, which actually helps me a lot when I teach. My education and experience of living abroad is also an asset. And of course, I love languages!

The best thing about teaching as a language coach is that I can help so many talented people get integrated in Sweden!

Therese Jirek