Our language coaches

Swedish for Professionals is passionate about languages. We build our course content and work with inspiring language coaches to offer you engaging and rewarding courses in Swedish. We believe that language learning should be fun, encouraging and efficient – especially when you have already taken the big step of moving to Sweden!

Our coaches are handpicked, highly motivated language wizards that focus on helping you to stay engaged with your language learning. Together you practice speaking, writing and understanding Swedish and your coach also becomes your personal guide to Sweden, its culture and customs.

All our coaches have an international background, extensive experience in higher education, and a drive to help you master new skills in Swedish.

All our coaches are recruited from Sweden’s top universities and have been abroad for work or study; they know the feeling of being new in a different culture. They offer dedication, energy and passion for using the most engaging teaching methods available. Their goal is to make your experience learning Swedish as fun, rewarding and effective as possible.