New to Swedish?

By June 22, 2020Courses, Expat Living

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Summer is in full bloom here in Sweden, and many people are wondering how to spend their limited time in the sun. Doesn’t it seem like summer is so short here? This summer offers unique challenges and opportunities due to travel being discouraged for most of the world.

The SFP team believes this is a great opportunity to study Swedish (of course)!

We also know that this isn’t a time everyone wants to spend in a regular class. Between vacations, kids being home from school, and the desire to soak up the sunshine, it can feel like there isn’t room for study.

Here's where we can help!

We understand that a lot of people need extra flexibility to accommodate jobs, families, and other activities. But it’s so important to study Swedish! Whether you are new to the country and want to improve your confidence fast, or you’ve been here for a while and finally feel like you can make time for study, learning the language is the foundation of establishing solid connections in your new home!

Studio Swedish – A Course for Beginners

The Studio Swedish program is designed to get those who are new to the language comfortable and speaking quickly about everyday topics. It’s entirely self-guided and online, allowing you to study when and where you want and making it the perfect companion to your summer activities! (Study on the beach, anyone?) The program coaches, Oscar and Matilda, guide you through each chapter with fun, engaging videos, vocabulary in Swedish and English, help with pronunciation, and quizzes to help you retain each chapter’s material. 


Simply click on the logo to visit the Studio Swedish page, or keep reading to see what some of our students have to say about the course!

What do Studio Swedish students think?

“Each chapter has both grammar and cultural lessons, and you will learn some of the most important words and how to create the necessary sentences so you can start using Swedish every day.” – Karina, Course Participant

“I’ve studied a little Swedish on my own so far, and Studio Swedish was a fantastically simple way to better understand conversation and grammar.” – Ben, Course Participant

“The course gave me tons of confidence to deal with everyday situations and speak Swedish out in public, and my comprehension has improved a lot.” – Danielle, Course Participant

If you have any more questions about the Studio Swedish Course for Beginners program, we’re here to help! Please email us at, or send us a message on our Facebook. You can also view our other courses here.