English for Professionals

Join us for a chance to take your English skills to the next level

Swedish for Professionals has branched out to offer a wider variety of skills to help professionals succeed in any setting. Join us to enhance your ability to communicate in one of the most sought after languages in the global marketplace.
This series of four lessons will be held in an online classroom, with a native English speaking teacher, in a small class setting (6-10 people) so you can get the personal attention you need to take your English skills to the next level.

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July 14: 17.00-18.30
July 16: 17.00-18.30
July 21: 17.00-18.30
July 23: 17.00-18.30

August 18: 17.00-18.30
August 20: 17.00-18.30
August 25: 17.00-18.30
August 27: 17.00-18.30

September 1: 17.00-18.30
September 3: 17.00-18.30
September 8: 17.00-18.30
September 10: 17.00-18.30

September 15: 17.00-18.30
September 17: 17.00-18.30
September 22: 17.00-18.30
September 24: 17.00-18.30

Price 2250 SEK inc. VAT
Group course includes 6-10 people
During the course you will cover:

  • Meeting practice and etiquette
  • Pronunciation and intonation – how to be effective and properly understood by English speakers
  • Writing and editing – How to review business communications, edit emails, and have an appropriate tone for the situation
  • Practice your negotiation skills in English
  • Public speaking and presentation

Did you know that multilingual professionals are among the most wanted employees in the job market? Boost your career and study English with us!

Our courses are designed to accelerate learning and build the confidence needed to speak better English in your everyday and professional life. Each course will be customized to the group's needs and the participants will get access to all of our digital tools.

Take the chance to accelerate your language skills, and contact our team if you have any questions!