Improve your Swedish with Swedish for Professionals language courses!

We help companies in Sweden integrate their international employees. We offer Swedish language courses and culture workshops, with a unique technology-oriented methodology that offers a fun and engaging learning experience.

By playing “En or Ett” and learning the Swedish nouns and their articles means that you have already taken the first step to your Swedish language learning journey! Do you want to learn even more? Contact us and join one of our innovative and customized Swedish courses!

The courses are tailored to professionals and are offered for all language levels. The sessions are scheduled at a time and place that best suit the participants. In between classes, the participants get access to our digital tools that make practice available anywhere and at any time.


Our courses are tailor-made to your individual language level and your- and company’s needs.


We work with creative exercises and have a strong presence of digital tools to make learning fun and effective.


We enable you to combine work with learning Swedish by offering courses that are held directly in your office at times that fit you and the company best.

We have helped over 4000 people to become confident Swedish speakers and we are only getting started!

Could this be interesting for you and the international employees in your company?

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